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Sep 25, 2015 @ 9:27 am

tho I live in the city within walking distance of many food options, once or twice per year I will get up in the a.m. and drive to a fast food place.  I assume I do it bc I’m from the burbs, for the hit of continuity.

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Sep 24, 2015 @ 4:12 pm

wrrk is busy.  I got two new c/ontracts yesterday.  calendar full through jan/feb.  then sabbatical.  if I can keep the spring free.  sometime go to the northwest to see 20cent and another longtime.  my fridge is fixed.  I’m interested in my life.  sister is coming to visit.

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Sep 12, 2015 @ 2:03 pm

I got hte computer set up and the baby in the cellar, and the noisy fridge, I almost decided to just buy a new one, but rallied and opened up the compartment in the freezer, took 10 minutes and it’s obviously a $50 fan.  almost didn’t try.  I was just going to buy a new fridge out of sheer laziness.

I got the intel nuc 4 inches by 4 inches, boots up in 8 or 9 seconds and shuts down in 2 or 3.  amaze.  it took 15 minutes to go from unboxing to having ubuntu install complete.  no moving parts and puts out almost no heat.  full disclosure I own intel stock.  it draws 18 watts.

it’s hard to be a motor in a freezer.


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Sep 09, 2015 @ 4:49 pm

I have again a plant.  from a found seed.  this one is for real, but as it is from a found, nothing can be known wrt its sex for another 4-5 wks.  coin toss.  but it grows.  it is above ground w its leaves.  I think it was just Sunday I first wetted it, and Monday I planted it.

otherwise hanging in there.  wrrk is busy in a way.

I bought a new computer recently.  it’s a NUC.  I haven’t plugged it in yet.  it’s just a computer.  I still don’t know what to think about the crop, but I’ve mostly decided it’s not great.  womp.  but a new one now grows.  I’m in a dead brain period.  each day I get up and so on.  it’s going to be all about sleep.  without much crediting it I’ve been getting up too early, consistently, going to bed too late, this is partly why the dead period wrt brain.

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nearly 2 wks later
Sep 05, 2015 @ 9:50 am

and no plants above the dirt line.  9 out of 10 seeds worked in the spring.  0 out of 2 this time.  I think.  though I’m going to wait another 4-5 days before I decide for certain.

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Aug 23, 2015 @ 3:04 pm

- -

submerged a coupla seeds just now.and so the circle of life ocntinues.  — so it was on august 23, we began to soak the different kind, this time.  prepared the glass water, scuffed the seeds, and dropped them in.  so begins.

3 more wks on the jars for a proper process.  4 more wks, after that, for a more optimal.

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Aug 15, 2015 @ 3:05 pm

but you can’t get at the truth unless you are prepared to make some wild assumptions.  americans have always been socialists since I think the 1940s.  our mormons are good at football.  republicans invented socialism if I recall, social security, medicare, obamacare.  my lawn has been growing a lot more slowly than usual, and I’m the kind of liberal who credits barrack obama for this.  meanwhile my weeds have pretty much taken over in the back, tho I did yank some out while saying something awkward to my neighbor about how it was a big tree.  our most popular policies are our socialist policies.  our tight ends are hurt.  lebron’ll foot the tuition.  this is the happy time before he spends the treasure on expansion.  there will always be a layer of mythology between me and the EV1.  research is how we go into the mythology, if so.  popular science is a magazine of which I first became aware as a pre-teen, which is when I also learned about newsweek and time magazine.  I did NOT like to do research in the library, I know I found it unappealing, but I don’t remember exactly how that felt.  but I remember something of that feeling of reading about gary hart and al gore.  I didn’t like the microfiche either.  I felt like there was too much process overall.  it seemed empty and technical.  without knowing why it failed to satsify, I think it was my innate sense of the vapid media culture and its biases.  I think it made me antsy.  nothing’s changed in that regard.  the smell seems to deepen.  cheesy notes of pine.  I know that I need to read.  it’s the light of the human world, printed language.  no matter how one tries, I keep coming back.  and no matter how you try and I.  you can learn to read, but you can’t unlearn it.  you can’t go back.  it’s too dark and confusing trying not to read.  it’s terrible.  it’s like trying not to work.  it seems like a good idea.   we break our bones playing sports.  we pay for it, and there are many imperatives providing attractive internal rates of return (IRR), the market wants bigger faster and we want to see people crash into each other. to a bee’s life.  for example team unity.  no egos.  I need a lot more ritual like I used to.  once said soon done.  reading, music, and simple rules.  I will keep my shredded papers!  not going to throw those out.  those are bags of shred and I want more not less.  think about how clean a trash bag full of nothing but shredded paper.  this I want and I think about sound and tiniest particles passing right through those fluff.  but there’s a flip side.  a life needs to eat light (photons).  light plays the tent card.  I am actually going to the synchronized swimming later, but do not expect special treatment to match my special achievements.  just good weather and a cold beer.  sobriety is a tent.  I just ate brunch!  I use work.  I can use reading and readings.  I have enough.  I have way too much.  if all I had was janet jackson, how very well I would know janet jackson.  johnny cash.  I have a cheap gym, tons of grocery stores.  everything has angled toward this moment.  all my hard work has paid off.  if I can dial back the excess, it will last forever.  I can keep it.  take stock.  take a stock photo ha.  (sssssssssssssssss) it’s being such seems inscribed in the IRR aside from frame, everything we know about placement at the end of the aisle, where the short pile carpet meets the marbled vinyl, fastened as anything.  carts breeze past.  ha, they seem like free association!  people shop by free association.  who cares!  who cares who cares duh on a geological scale, officer, it’s under the limit!  france!  nostalgic poetry!  one wants to do everything american.  grow.  brew.  reminisce.  grow.  brew. reminisce.  get caught up in the process.  there’s no place besides.  he who skirts the process is a fool.  skirtless and shirtless. if you stand on the beach long enough, you’ll get buried by the massive machines that piles New sand there after an interval of erosion.  if you’re on a beach, and a steam shovel dumps sand on your head, it’s probably too late!  take advantage of the fact that the universe and all your hard work put you here.  there’s nothing original about the future.  or that which has already happened.  wear it proud.  you may have to return this merchandise.  the tags are chic.  it will never be the same.  don’t be such a cynic.  you only get one free pass.  use it multiple times.

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Aug 08, 2015 @ 11:59 am

it’s the one week anniversary of the first chop.  we know not what we have, only that we have much of it.   farm outlook has lately been volatile.  we have been through some plunges and revivals of farm morale.

one concern has been lack of fragrance.  without odor can there be strength?   our research department recently examined exactly that question and determined that there is no correlation between smell and strength.  odor varies by strain.   furthermore this strain is said by some to produce very low odor.

a second concern was over-drying.  did we overdry?  did things dry too fast and too soon?   this concern we can put to rest.  Our diagnostics unambiguously show no problem in this area.  on the contrary, the product still induces jar humidity beyond what’s necessary for a good slow cure, and in fact we have had to regularly RELEASE this humidity to avoid an excess in the jar.  humidity is in an excellent range, but we have taken the further step of ordering boveda packs to maximize our portfolio of moisture options.  in the meantime we are confident we can keep humidity in range by way of jar burps.  remember, you can never dry/cure too slowly, as long as there is no mold.

there is some belief within our organization that we harvested too early, and that the crop shows some signs of stress, such as from excessive lighting and meandering pH.  it’s possible these factors could contribute to diminished quality.  in the future, we can improve in these areas by increasing cab height so as to allow greater distance from light to canopy.  furthermore, by concentrating our resources on a lesser number of plants per crop, efficiencies and execution should both improve.  we expect to produce better crops with much less effort in the future.


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Aug 06, 2015 @ 12:27 am

suddenly proceeded to the jarring tho I felt I might now be working with a non product still I saw it might be time for the jars so set to jarring… it seems this was the just right time to jar saturday’s crop but it is a day too soon for sunday’s.  based on the readings.  perfect.  and the smells do liven a bit when one is handling the material, so one begins to feel that it could be legit.  in any case they are not overdried.  I am back to thinking I might have something of some.  some .

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Aug 05, 2015 @ 10:09 pm

there’s a ticking in the bathroom and I thought I’d stop it by turning off the water under the toilet but then it seemed to be coming from outside then it was coming from the fan in the ceiling, the exhaust.  vague memory of, so I flipped the switches and turning the fan on stops it for a minute or so, then it comes back.  is it real.  my refrigerator is singing.  this house is a little too active right now.  but just now I returned to the room and it’s not ticking now.  and sometimes the fridge stops singing and everything seems to have fixed itself.  I may just break down and buy one.  I don’t know if I have the resources in a way to repair the fridge tho it would probably be easy if it’s not the compressor.  may judge buy a fucking fridgerator.  they’ll take that thing away and fix it for $30 in 10 minutes.  I don’t know about this crop.  my faith is waivering.  the websites are all controlled by the light manufacturers.  they send you a pm if you mention their competitors and baldly state that all posts mentioning their sponsors’ competitors will be deleted from the forum.  ‘our sponsors’ in this case means we ourselves.

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