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Jul 24, 2014 @ 4:04 pm

in cover letters I asserted telecommute if it wasn’t understood.  the tradition is often to get the first thing.  I got a haircut.  we wouldn’t have traditions without the big bang.  there are black holes and white holes.  then I became fascinated.  I had had a party.  I stopped using fb mostly.  around the time I stopped blo/gging.  I wait for summer 2014.  earlier I had had a beer in the hammock.  keep doing at least one thing per day tho.  things are real.  we say about real things as they’re happening that they are happening in real time.  what do you think about overexplaining.  from our perspective things happen exactly as they do, so they have no profile.  and in that sense leave no trace, this is true both inside and outside of adams morgan.

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Jul 09, 2014 @ 10:25 am

it’s wednesday now.  I’m leaving verizon.  I have to wait until tuesday.  I am signing up with the local wireless provider.  I will have an antenna that points at their antenna.  when it rains very hard, I will not have internet.

june was a barely bleed month.




there have been a lot of months this year.  I turned on the fan.  think thoughts.  put your instructions in a manilla folder.  if you write more instructions, put them also in the folder.sometimes I don’t do much but it all works out in a society that is not a subsistence farming society.

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more bumble bees
Jul 06, 2014 @ 10:40 am

I have since saved two more bumble bees.  I don’t know how they get to the inside sill.  but I hear them banging around in the basil plant and then I open the window to let them out.   is it all the same bumble bee.

I’ve been a social creature here lately and there.  restaurants for example.  bars.  bbqs at persons’ homes.  it’s been unusually pleasant in the outdoors.

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Jun 30, 2014 @ 8:08 pm

I barely have time to drink and I have a lot of time for that.

otherwise easing, into the  week like a very slow creature eases into a bog.  I took walks.  a walk.  the sun.  only mildly adverse in places.  mostly I like the sun.


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the life
Jun 18, 2014 @ 10:05 am

living la vida hosting people lately.  not bad.  it does feel a bit poety.  things are supposed to break down in the summer.  work ceases.  there is some magic realism.  I saved a bumble bee yesterday.  it was on the sill.  I opened the window.  away it went, groggily at first, then with clear purpose and correct direction.  matt wieters is out for the season, and it’s a big drop off.  that’s probably it for the o’s.  they now have a starting catcher who is batting .123, and you don’t get extra points for having consecutive numbers in your batting average.  I struggle to decide whether to get fios.  let’s not talk about it.  I turned on the ceiling fan.  it’s wednesday; I have no intention of prospecting for work.  it is a day of dayness.  hot out, so, the great indoors.  I have a little provisions.  a little unease, but not much.

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Jun 11, 2014 @ 11:56 am
  • I have that sound in my ears like someone is taking 20 years to say the word world and it’s december of year 12.

slept from 7 a.m. to 10.  woke up maybe twice during that time.

ian is visiting, starting tonight.

I like the name Several Months.  Or just Several.

I took a census and I actually have 2.5 parties left.  not just one, as I had thought.

it’s wednesday.

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Jun 09, 2014 @ 6:31 pm

I forgot that you can get better during the course of a day.   as opposed to while you sleep.  I was still a bit sick when I woke up today, but am getting less and less sick during, today.

this was a very obvious viral multi-stage thing.  mild symptoms last monday, tues, weds.  then I was healed on thursday, convenient for black squirrel night.  then it came back on friday and then hammered me on saturday and sunday.  two quite bad days.  and then the virus’ work is done, and it packs up and leaves.

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aqvfq32 q2c3q
Jun 04, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

dialectics are boring.  not you.  I mean not you.

pre-written fb statuses:

  • dialectics are boring
  • when a strength doesn’t suit the present task, we call it a weakness

I didn’t check, but I’m guessing it’s been about 9 months since my last post.

oh, let me tell you about this rally:  I slept three hours a couple nights ago, from about 5 to 8.  then I was actually pretty sharp in the morning, and worked.  but then around 11 a.m. the wheels loosened, eventually coming off.  in the afternoon I continued trying to w/ork, at times, tho with little effectiveness.  and so on.  time passed.  it became the evening.  and then I worked!  ha!  I was very sharp in the late evening and got things done quickly.  that’s it.  that’s the rally.  it was a darky and stormy rally.  was nice.  then I had trouble sleeping but I think this time I got to sleep between 3 and 4.  progress.  I feel ok right now.  good even.  I was able to turn something in that took a week even tho it was about a day of work.  and you know what?  you know what?  guess what?  guess?  you know what happened?  it didn’t matter.  did you guess that it didn’t matter?  yeah, they were still pretty happy.  so they’re my hero, but most importantly, I am. when I rally, I am my hero.

I have just a dusting of party left.  poignant dust but still.  when to spend it?  today?  I’m not sure.  I’m interested in this question of when to spend my last dust.  maybe at squirrel tomorrow.

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awe fq 3adsf2c
May 26, 2014 @ 10:41 am

they don’t call it memorial day for nothing.

also, I finally did send a final-ish file to our friend the publisher.  a file containing the typeset work itself, front matter, end matter.  I did that just now.


slow your roll.  but don’t back up.  who’s counting.  there is the tension between the cosmic, that’s the word, and societal.

my mood goes this way and that.  but I have a new strategy for when my narrative/dialogic obsessyness gets runaway trainy.  It’s not enough to stop the train.  it will just start back up.  but what I can do is describe the train to myself.  usually the thought process I’ve been having is so ridiculous that carefully describing it to myself brings that into relief.  also, describing/objectifying a thought process pulls in a different part of the brain altogether, and therefore is more effective than just switching to a different narrative/dialogue.  in any case, I will always settle into another narrative/dialogue, because that’s what my brain does almost constantly.  but the descriptive interlude still helps redirect things and changes the lighting and so on.

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May 25, 2014 @ 8:40 pm

I painted a mirror frame.  red.  so there is something dark on that wall. I wrrked on the book last bits.   so I did some significant things.  at times it seems like I haven’t.  seemed like I hadn’t.

I’ve been writing myself a lot of instructions lately.  I’ve also done a bit of thinking toward an organization system.  I tend to lose my instructions.  I find them later, but there is no mechanism for finding them frequently.

and I cut the grass and applied a lot of water seal to the bottoms of the picnic benches.  the bottoms of the feet.  though really I need to nail some shoes on to keep them above the ground.  pieces of 2×4.  wooden outdoor furniture rots from the ground up, we’re learning. and I ate a mango.  so I’ve done a number of things.  I went grocery shopping.

some of these things I did yesterday, but it’s still a good amount of things.  I’m pretty sure I took a couple pretty significant walks yesterday.

you see, I sometimes forget things, and then I’ve forgotten what I’ve done and don’t think I’ve done much.  sometimes I haven’t.  but in this case not so bad.  I made tea.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to list so many things that I did.  I would have guessed I had done about 60% that much.  and I cleaned up a bit here in the office and in the stretching room.  and swept the floors downstairs.

mostly tho the instructions I must keep in circulation here.  they don’t cure everything but they help.  even if I don’t follow them they are good to read.frame

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