official washington marylanders week 2.5
Sep 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm

it’s not a bad time to be a fan of the marylanders.  b rambo got waived.  meriweather returns.  he’s a good player.  by now he must understand the urgency of breaking down before the tackle.  just wrap up.  hug the opponent and fall.  embrace and then drop.  this is what an nfler needs to to be able to do especially once you have a reputation.  coast for the last one and a half steps unless you are pursuing from behind.  think not of the highlight reel.

cousins seems to be able to find the open receiver, and better yet has a penchant for throwing guys open.  it comes naturally for him.  griffin made some baffling misreads in the preseason, tho he seemed off to a good start sunday.  we don’t know yet about his eyes.  he certainly throws very accurately, griffin, when he can identify a target. we’ll see about cousins on the road against a good team.  at least for the first half we will, then there’s a reading.

the defense looks good.  especially will be for as long as meriweather stays on the field.  I’m not being ironic about meriweather.  he’s very fast.  otherwise, the d is better because amerson in year two, hatcher, kerrigan and orakpo both healthy, two very good, fast inside LBs, and r clark is competent.  baker also a beast right now at nose.  there is no apparent dropoff from cofield to baker, at least when jacksonville is the opponent, and they’ll get cofield back at some point.  not much dropoff from jordan reed to paul either, at least when jacksonville.  andre roberts is a very good player.  not much if any dropoff from desean to roberts.  roberts might actually be the better player.  the o line is not invincible by any stretch, but cousins has been getting rid of the ball pretty quickly.  I expect philly to try to stop the run above all else, and make cousins beat them.

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s nout
Sep 10, 2014 @ 5:03 pm

the back snout of my car has sprung a void in the rhino-upper node.  I had heard a growl.  took it to the higher end of my two mechanics.  he quoted 1400, which is typical for places that will only do it right.  but the part he mentioned, I got that replaced for 150 some years back.  and tho it proved not to be a permanent fix, on the installment plan 150 looks bright.  and so I will return to that place to renew my subscription.  it’s on bladensburg.  I expect it will cost up to double now, if it’s the same part, because now they probably have noticed shiny buildings thrust forth from the mantle, whose flakes ooze excess ..  and perhaps I’ll be the only person around who can tell the tale of getting that exact same, at the same mechanic pre and post Revitalization.  sturdily will sit here in my aeron chair and type forth.  then we will know.  first will I steep the car for a week or so , the better to lessen the temperature and mosquito population, whereupon will I roll its forepaws onto the patio, there to hoist upon the jack stands verily I had thought I’d put on the curb, having ggrown in surety I’d never them use again, but still them have I, I have confirm’d, using only my detach’d bi-cycle head lamp as flashlight.  I will see the hole myself.  and whether it is where my higher end diagrammed, on the reverse of the receipt.  If I do not see it myself, then forever will one fewer person have done so, and never me.  I reached a camera under, no hole was obvious but a certain unsettled aspect in the weave of the flex pipe.

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as I’ve no doubt said
Sep 08, 2014 @ 3:09 pm

I have for at least several months had this idea that I should figure out how to be a person for the rest of my life by the time I’m 40.

A month or two ago it was nice to know that there was still time left to complete the task.

I did work on it some, mostly by writing and reading instructions to myself.  but I’m not sure that I’ve yet figured out what to do with the rest of my life, and I only have about a week left for this task.  irrationally I do believe in round numbers whether I want to or not.

I recall when r smith turned 40 and he was talking about how it was “time to get serious”.  in fact he was by some measures more serious by that age than I will likely ever be.  and because he has an article I know he is 52ish, so it was fairly early on in our acquaintance that he turned 40 and became serious.

me I am like if my apathy became infected and the rest of me was amputated, leaving only my infected apathy.  oh, try this.  try complaining to people who have 1-3 jobs that you are annoyed by your underemployment, see where that gets you, and write a 100-word essay about it entitled what I did on my underemployment complaining to my friends who had lots o employment.  ian sent me a rimbaud letter about being on strike and being a “lousy”/dirty poet who doesn’t work, as if that’s principled, and I suppose it could be, anything could be principled, apparently even being unprincipled can, in some sense, if you do it to the hilt.  but.  I do not feel like I’m on strike, exactly.  I can’t give myself quite that much credit in that particular way.  this is not a protest.  not intentionally at least.  I wonder if I didn’t know about the universe or maybe even the world, if I would have a different relationship with block/city/brook/corner/tree/etc, well, I’m about to have a relationship with my porch, I believe, but there’s a lot of followthru, a lot of winding road, between there and here.

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Sep 08, 2014 @ 8:04 am

griffin was a good passer when he let go of the ball, better than in 2013, but he took too many sacks.  he needs to give up on more plays.  he hasn’t improved much on this.  he did have one good slide.

the whole idea of attention can be distracting insofar as contemporaneity.  whether it’s a competition for or a cooperation for or amongst.  one doesn’t wish for anything integral to also be a currency.   it always is, but could be less foregrounded.  we joke about it but, it seems defeatist for writers to constantly make fun of themselves.  we should probably coopt fewer things we don’t actually like.  it’s not that liberating.

a flat earth is more appealing, since it permits some mystery.  as things stand, if you keep going you end up in the place where you started without ever making a return trip.  it’s too finite, too easy to grasp.

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re wro’ae;vka’
Sep 01, 2014 @ 6:53 pm

I’ve been.  I think there’s an isthmus.  I’ve been out of sorts, on the land bridge.  it’s a sandbar but in a tree.  they’re made from composites.  less and less.  I pushed a ground up hole into the ground.

ian is coming thurs.  not the sort of thing I would make up.  my neighbors can hear my makeup through the walls.  I hear computers.  I’m safe here.  as safe as I could be.  I have some food, plenty to get through the night at least.  I have water, electric, internet.  I’m hovering here along the ground in the boat.  I’m filled with regret.  the cream cheese is amazing.  it’s evidently been restored.  I’m like any doctor if you drop him out of a plane.  but I’m going to keep swooping around.

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qw efq3g
Aug 25, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

other times, I have the thought… party … would anything bad happen.

I dunno, coffee…?

I applied for things lightly, four things.

light is filtering in whitely through the blinds.  perhaps I’ll commence a habitually spontaneous inhome activities.  perhaps then pull some weeds out front.  needs it.

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Aug 23, 2014 @ 2:26 pm

there is only so much I can do to intentionally blog here in my stretching room.  I will never complain again.  I like the white rug, a possession.  there are hunters in africa who run in their bare feet and fear elephants.  here I don’t feel like I have too much decor, it is nice to feel underfoot different things.  positions the weight down into the wool vector.  drink from glass and ceramics.  pace around and start to consider … I don’t know yet, I thought bodies then imagination then time then forgetfulness.  the key word in forgetfulness is etfuln.  it stands for considEr The Future Uv Los N.

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fg jhsewfa a
Aug 20, 2014 @ 3:45 pm

send more rituals.  it takes little commerce to remember.  I’m proud of my skin when it heals.  prodigal skin.  I’m proud of my brain when it’s surprised.  any check is a check, but of course we fondly recall the fatter checks we earned when we were 39 1/4, 38, etc.  I might drop one like a tarantula, but I would pick it right back up with a spatula.  a lot of things are tarantulas including those we favor.  at night we will go somewhere to talk to the witnesses.  tarantulas are emotional but don’t have any money.  we like the institutions where we peaked.

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i ln t ejjkh
Aug 14, 2014 @ 11:12 am

today pass or seize the day but more pass.  p[articulars in august, it can be the blank month.  nonilla

I can’t say I feel *bad* .  I don’t know what I  oterhwise

let out.  it’s not a weekend.  there is that chance for the onset of mentally sharp professionalism as my animal has done it before/before and there s no reason

I’m on the same page. last full paragraph.  I’m drinking coffee but have nothing to say.  I’ll walk around.

I have only provisions, the mind, and my prfessional reputation. I opened a new tab.  “get into something” I think is a sentence I wrote in the instructions a few weeks ago.  I didn’t mean parachute pants.    I meant some pump. I probably haven’t been reading  instructions enough.  I’ll trick myself.  kale

from the verb, to kale.  biab.  pockets of fluff.  there’s nothing than a clean van.  the bugs that like the bathroom, also like the pile of papers.  I’m like a barn swallow.  I have a beak.



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Aug 12, 2014 @ 1:38 pm

so this is a reminder to remain clueless at all times.  unless your interpretation is favorable to everything in the multiverse.

no betting.

or I am, but I am about the 3rd, 190th and 944th most things that day.  I am typing.

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