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Jun 28, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

I dumped the outer buckets.  which serve as the per-plant outer reservoir.  the 4-gallon pails, inserted into the outer buckets, contain the growing medium, and the plant.  I’ve only dumped the outer buckets a few times during the grow.  2 or 3 times, counting this time.

a lot of hydro systems effectively dump the outer reservoir every day or nearly every day.  it is mildly heretical to not dump the outer reservoir in a hydro set up.  constant fresh water supply, with fully oxygenated water, unexploited by the roots of any plant, is considered to be among the advantages afforded by hydro.  however a small number of growers report that they do not dump the reservoir a single time in the entire grow.  they rely upon the plant to take what it needs, and do not fret about possible excessive build-up of nutrients in the reservoir.  if you don’t give too many nutrients to begin with, the plant will eat enough that the reservoir does not contain an excess.  and I have no fear of the water running out of oxygen because the coco medium itself tends to hold 30% or more air even when water-logged, plus I have air stones running to the outer reservoirs.  the air stones constantly run air through the water.

I dump the out rez, evidently, but not often.

The N-P-K of the city tap water is nearly a perfect 1-1-1.  I read the analysis published on the gov’t website, which I trust, because I know from my meters that at least with respect to pH and TDS the gov’t report is accurate.  it’s actually rather good water for growing, if you lower the pH a bit with a squirt of acid.  it contains very little that isn’t sometimes intentionally given to plants in fertilizers.  plants are not totally reliable when it comes to ignoring inopportune substances, but they are at least pretty good at it.  there’s plenty of reason to think that a plant that has evolved for gazillions of years has the ability to ignore or process things in the environment that aren’t needed by the plant.  soil contains a lot of things a plant doesn’t need.  rain isn’t pure water, etc.  I will give distilled water, no nutrients, for the final week.

I officially ended the lives of two of the cast-offs in the last few days, so I now have just one cast-off inside the home.  tho it’s in a south facing window, it isn’t nearly as robust as the two that remain in the cab.  this is almost entirely due to quantity and quality of the light, which is much better in the cab.  it’s sunny all day every day in the cab.  the cast-off is probably also stressed by an inconsistent photoperiod.  it gets some artificial light at odd hours both from me and from the street lights out back.


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Jun 27, 2015 @ 9:45 pm

there is an early floweriness, no longer subtle.  the two fill the space. the eighth week begins tomorrow.  the seventh ended today.  there is a clear path.  the path is clear.

a bit of flooding in the cellar today.  a great deal of rain.

I’m using one really good light.  the first one.  since then I’ve ordered two more for supplemental.  presently I have all three in service.  one is barely worth using but for now is worth using.  I ordered another of the good, and then there will be two of those and no need for the supplementals, no need at all.  we will then have a state of permanent optimal lighting.  but it will be a week before it arrives.

just minimal pruning down low, enough so I can see where I’m watering.  opinions on pruning vary wildly.  I did not implement a screen, not this time.


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Jun 22, 2015 @ 1:55 pm

I have agency.  I didn’t read back.  did I say I went down to two plants in the cab.  did I say I’m experimenting on one of the discards.  I washed all the growing medium off the roots, to get a good look at structure, health, etc.  I then decided to keep it alive in a pitcher and do some HST.  high stress training.  I crushed the main stem between thumb and index finger and bent it over.  crushed and creased.  I read that such a plant will heal in a week or two, forming a knuckle at the wound.   some believe that such training can add strength.  some think that’s crazy.  I just want to see how quickly a plant heals.  already, about 12 hours after I broke the stem, it has sent its top back up… so the top leaves are now oriented no differently, relative to the horizon, than they were before I broke the main stem.   The stem of course heads downward from the break, over the lip of the pitcher and slopes down toward the floor… yet it has already curved itself back upwards, elephant trunk style, so that the top leaves are once again facing the sky and parallel to the ground.  the plant is well.

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Jun 21, 2015 @ 10:48 am

there has been tremendous upheaval in my horticultural thesis in just the past 24 hrs.  as the plants grow, I see that some must go.  as the plants grow, I see that some must go.  as the plants grow, I see that some must go.

I removed a couple from the space, bringing it down to 4, as of yesterday.  but from additional observation and reading, I just last night found myself, on the horns of an epiphany.  I can only grow two (2) plants at most, and 1 (one) may actually be best.  that’s right, that’s right, ONE stalk will fill this space as well as I had hoped six (VI) stalks would.  I could have been growing one (0 + 999/999) all along.  there is a method involving a screen that spreads the limbs of the stalk outward and maintains an even canopy possessing just as much fruit as if there were multiple stalks..  I can achieve as much fruit from one stalk as I had wished for from 6 (6).  this means fewer tubes, fewer lights, fewer back pains, and just one bucket.  a dramatic improvement in overall ease and simplicity.  albeit at a loss of genetic diversity.  I could have saved a lot of work, and a little bit of money, mostly a lot of work, had I understood the growth dynamics from the outset.  though it’s been educational to watch 6 plants grow up.  not a total loss in that way.  not at all.  and I can now choose the best 1-2 with which to proceed along the screen.  today I will procure a screen and implement.

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Jun 20, 2015 @ 10:47 am

rainy day, today.  I’m glad.  I need a rainy, dreary weekend.  I get so tired of the weather being so perky all the time, so sparkly and warm.

go with exhaustion, of certain kinds, of the brain.  but walk around.  right now in fact.  it’s not hot.  not quite raining.  bring a rain coat.

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background food
Jun 14, 2015 @ 3:47 pm

I have a one track mind but not to the extent that it sometimes seems..  in a way.  well I do other things.  I read in balt last fri.  I went to a thing last night, the night before.  I’m going to two things tonight.  I kind of don’t want to.  one goes.  I don’t just farm.  speaking of, the growth is very much filling the space laterally, and there is some upfullness as well.  I’m always ordering something or other.  if I fail it won’t be because I didn’t order a lot of things. and background food.  soup.  feels like 103 outdoors but indoors comfortable and soup.  I fixed my scooter that one time.  I went to the gym that one time a few days ago.  coulter wants us to harden the canadian border so when the brown people force us north we have a door we can slam behind us.  the guy getting snatched from his boat by a sea lion was also good.

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Jun 11, 2015 @ 4:49 pm

I farmed the day away.

with my freshly delivered meters.  including a lux meter! !! lux meter!!!! I can measure the lux now, and I do.  On the patio around 2:00 … 90,000 lux.

how was your day? what day?  was there a day?  I don’t know bc I was too busy farming the day away.

yesterday I went to the gym.


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Jun 10, 2015 @ 9:08 pm

nothing’s died.

they grow a lot, mostly laterally.  they’re reaching to each others’ hands, so then I wonder will they detect that proximity and head upwards.  one is nearly twice as tall as the other five.  all look pretty healthy.  at least healthier than most of my house plants typically do.

I had been mostly worried they would grow too tall and I would have to bend them down.  instead most are surprisingly dense, lots and lots of leaves, but not a lot of height relatively speaking.  but these are living plants.

the two known strains look very similar at this point, tho the seeds looked very, very different.  they now all look similar enough that I wonder at times if I got a couple of them mixed up at some point.  nothing about the plants’ appearance allows me to conclusively say that they are properly labeled.  perhaps later in life their strain membership will be more visually apparent.

I gave three to bdowns, as he has a good outdoor space.  so we will learn how these plants do in the outdoors.  we will have a side-by-side.

and I kept 6, one of which is an unknown.  the unknown looks much, much different than the other five in terms of leaf shape, general attitude.  it’s more of a weeping willow style.  the others are more alert looking and angle their leaves toward the light.

stalks and stems are quite sturdy.  one’s stalk is thicker than a museum pencil, tho it be the shortest specimen thus far.

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May 26, 2015 @ 10:21 pm

remember all that work we did back in maybe december.  installing the ceiling fans.  it must have been january.  well now we have ceiling fans.  which are nice to have.


it practically farms itself at this point.  I walk the grounds pretty often.  today a roster move, replacing one of the mystery plants with a ppp.  that is I swapped a ppp from pint into a 4 gal and demoted a mystery plant from the 4 gallon to a pint.  so I have these three pint plants for which I don’t have space.  some thought of putting a free sign on one and leaving it somewhere.  tho it would likely fall into the hands of someone who lacks a real plan.  I could include a plan.

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May 25, 2015 @ 9:15 pm

super farmy down there.  all well.  I sit and I stare.


fw efq wfwf wqgrgw  ew g

I squeezed a lot of orange goop out of my scooter’s air filter today.  hopefully that’s what’s been causing the stalling the last couple yrs.  I’ll find out tmw.


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