Jan 30, 2016 @ 11:24 am

a number of updates uhhh what are they HA


wull, I wiped 2 computers this week, it was dramatic, profesh, I had to, well, not the main one, well, I guess that’s it.  it all worked out.  sorry

I’ve now impulsively begun a youtube video in a tab, a lee perry album that I’ve never heard

so, basically I have this deadline and am going to have to w..ork a lot between now and then, it’s less than two weeks from now tho, so it feels very much in range and I feel the energies mustering like during an exam week.  I’ve only thought about what life might be like on the other side of the deadline, just a little, it seems exotic.  honestly I can barely stand to think of it.  but we all know what happens when we meet a deadline.  there is a surprising let down.  it’s not the panacea we had imagined.  maybe this will be an exception and there will be a panacea.  the deadline has long been a presence.  really I don’t know what I’ll find on the other side.  there will still be work to do but life will become more relaxed quite suddenly.

so the plant.  fucker is still alive in the cab.  tho I’ve incrementally harvested some.  it’s now a crazy gnarley living dead plant, a real monster with its dead yelow brown leaves disintegrating, and just the big gnarly flowers.  the hoped for color change, in the glands, it’s not yet yet.  but .  what to do.  the thing is about 100 years old now.  I think the hoped for color does not always arrive.  that’s not any deal breaker.  in any case there has ALREADY been recorded success with this product.  it’s a good step up from the previous, I think.  I haven’t always been scientific.  in any case.

I still haven’t hung this giant bulletin board.  I’m going to w’ork today and tomorrow, and probably monday-friday.

I wrote one or two lines yesterday.  I haven’t sworn off writing.  I watched a few road runner cartoons the other day and a lot of ted talks by disabled people and ESL types.

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Jan 22, 2016 @ 6:12 pm

existing forth in snow in quiet house kitteh drowsy on the sheet and housemate off napping.

harvesting incrementally.


oh. Times in the history of the universe

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Jan 06, 2016 @ 7:29 pm

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25th Parallel (magazine)


7×7 (magazine)


944 Magazine


AARP The Magazine
Acadiana Profile
ALMA Magazine
American Angler
American Way (magazine)
Arabica Magazine
Aspen Magazine
Avances Magazine


Backwoods Home Magazine
The Backwoodsman Magazine
BeE Woman
Better Homes and Gardens (magazine)
Bicycling (magazine)

I’m happy with the behavior of my investments.  my thesis is validated so far, not very far.

a sushi box is coming.  I’m happy with the behavior of my live plant.  my thesis is validated so far.

this guy is interesting.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBkND76J91k

“where. is. the car.”

“where. is. the horse.”

“where. is. the horse.”


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Dec 26, 2015 @ 10:55 am

that’s the true story.  tho miles davis apparently said not to give everything away.  many people have said that.  if you stacked up every time when someone said not to give everything away, it would be impossible to fold in half more than 11 times, not even a very dextrous gorilla could do it, and you’d never get to the moon.

I was in the red, there, only about 3% and then it went to about 6% and now it’s probably about 4 or 5%

I got up.  I showered first — then egs, eggs, toast, listened to the kinks, I don’t know what’s playing down there now.  strong coffee, heh.

I’ve been making a lot of shelves.  I may have mentioned I’m a landlord, and my friend and tenant has been gradually revealing the extent of belongings and so I’ve been organizing the hell out of things, making so many shelves, not that many but much more than usual.  the major thing I did on xmas was to organize the ever living puke out of the cellar.  and so I’ve been building shelves into the caverns above the closets, so on.

I went thru all my stack of envelopes and I’m not late on anything.

I got a new hot water heater.  this was not a DIY.  I didn’t even get bids.  I got a price and said yup c’mon over.  tho that process took a few days.  old one had commenced leaking.

so you can imaging, with the gleaming new hot water heater, and the shelves, how my cellar is now extra classy.  plumbers didn’t ask about the conspicuous farm.  they did ask if I make wine.  they saw the jug from the beer making kit.  I said no I made some beer.

once again we find ourselves in the space of time between xmas and ny’s.

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Dec 19, 2015 @ 12:03 pm

I’ve actually been blogging a lot lately, pretty much constantly, but it takes me nearly 9600 hours to write a post now, I’ve become very meticulous, you don’t’ know the depths.  I’m finally fully committed to blogging.  I implemented a ponzi scheme so far $7600 in just 4 wks so I have food on the table and can afford a new hot water heater if I tell myself it’s ok, no one has forced the hot water lifestyle on me, frankly if it were up to me I’d just get electric shower heads if that’s legal in north america, I’ve used them many times in C.A. with no ill effects that I know of.  but I’m the product of my culture and I answer also to the next 7 generations, and roughly 7 out of 7 generations is picky about hot water styles, also I would like to mention the d/w.

so the grow is gnarly and robust, it awaits only weeks til I drive it out to live on a farm as it were ere etc

oh, my how my fortunes have changed!  with regard to stock picks  obvs.  I’m a special interest and I made out like gangeffingbusters in the tax bill, thank you sens m’connel and r\eid, reps p\elosi and rya]n.  cuz you know I’ve got a liberal arts educationmotherfuckers.  critical thinking skills, and drugs only seem to enhance my willingness to follow my good instincts.  so now I’m barely in the red and it’s only just dawning on the m/arkets what a mtn of dollars just got dumpt on s\olars in this bill.  and I pretty much had gone all in, as all in, moreso than I would have guessed I might.  it could still end sadly as all things in the universe.  I wagered 1/3 of my life savings, 3\1 if you’re ottomon t\urk, that congress would actually pass this shockingly wise and generous and appropriate yet surprisingly generous extender.  and the extension was not priced into shares.  my sense is less than 5% of market participants would have predicted this, conservatively.  maybe 3%.  so it was the rare thing where you can see what’s about to happen so clearly that you doubt it still but if it walks like a duck, quacks, etc.  else I might have wagered more if not for one’s natural doubts plus the always plausible black swan to interrupt what seemed like almost sure passage once it passed committee.  realistically I could be in the black overall (after a bad year, bad foray, bottoms are hard to pick) by tuesday barring a broad m/a/rket dive, which would really put some hurt on these small/mid caps, it would be ugly and I would simply look away, the recovery would be fairly swift and I would just look away for a number of weeks or months and let it run its course.  on the one hand the GOP got punked a bit gave up too much in trade for lifting the export ban, on the other hand since it landed in the tax bill the GOP could use this as a pivot, when pa-ul r?yan next runs for p?resident he can say his bill put the final nail in the coffin for fossil fuels.  solar is now like running water, no politician ever says running water is part of a war on out houses.

but I have to get a new hot water heater bc mine is leaking.  annoying but it’s part of the deal with houses.  water heaters eventually fail, it’s a disposable item unlike say a gas stove.

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Nov 30, 2015 @ 11:15 pm

I was kneeling at my bed as I sometimes do, with a book on the bed, the new aerial 10 (hejinian), and my torso bent over the bed, some weight on elbows I think, really this is just a thing to do with one’s body that isn’t sitting, standing, lying, walking, and doesn’t bother my back, and tho it can’t be comfortably sustained for a long while, for a brief time it’s a relief from the other poses and can support reading, writing etc, and I had the thought to get the laptop and see what I would blog.  but I’m now sitting in the chair in my room.  less than an hour until I’m a landlord.  I’m still a host until midnight.  my guest, soon tenant, now has a door.  I installed it this weekend.  honestly I wasn’t sure I would ever put a door on that room.  and since installation I return to it often to bask in the difference, in my miraculous ability (not exclusively mine) to bring about physical changes in the world.  I returned to the door during nearly every commercial of the game on sunday, tho in the early commercials (and I suppose also portions of drives) I was still finishing the project.  which in fact I’ve not exactly finished, because the trim outside the door isn’t done, but I figured I only owed her privacy and the diminution of sonic intrusion, in fact I felt the doorknob was a bonus, I never promised one, and conceivably one could just stuff a plastic grocery bag in the doorknob hole, but I realized it would be easy to transfer a knob from one of the few or more disembodied doors that lean against things in various parts of the house.  my guest returned today from holiday travel and is now experiencing the door, sleeping in the bedroom.

when my knees were on the floor by my bed and my stomach was on the bed, which seems too pious but there are only so many things you can do with your body, I was thinking about how… she goes to bed usually before 10 on school nights, if not out, and so I notice the structure it imparts, since I can’t now run noisily around the house, or put on music.  I mean, there are things I can’t do.  it imposes some limitations at times, which is to say structure, and that aspect at least for now is novel and interesting, and not something I had thought of.  it’s clear to me that… I enjoy facing some problems I hadn’t thought of, such as when I had to finagle the lights in a certain sequence when travelling from my bedroom to the bathroom, pre-door, when light would be an issue in the hall.  tho in fact sound isolation between the 1st and 2nd floor is better than one would think.  even without a door, when I had a tv on downstairs, she said she barely heard it even when in the hallway upstairs.  so I could go downstairs and put music on I suppose, but no, I would tend to wear headphones instead I suppose.  that’s not the thing that I’m blogging about tho.  I’m blogging about limitations and structure.  obviously I’ve been living one way, domestically, for a long time.  right now kitteh sleeps or lies on the blanket folded at the foot of my bed, neatly folded because I laundered all my sheets, pillowcases, even the duvet cover, shit.  furthermore I’m becoming organized in closets and things, much more organized by necessity.  when you have a ton of space you don’t need to be very organized.  in fact it’s comic to me right now looking at some of my shelves/cabinets in the kitchen, and some of the interiors of the huge victorian cabinets that exist above some of the closets, how randomly I’ve placed a lot of things.  jars half full of dried cement, etc.  when you have 1600 sq ft and eleven or so closets you don’t have to be very strategic except with regard for not putting things on the floor where you’re less likely to need them.  and in some cases I see I’ve made some poor choices with regard to placement of items.  it’s clear in many cases I simply put things somewhere and then kept putting them back in that same location after use.  consistency and (sometimes) proximity being the organizing principles, rather than space saving.  when I emptied the stretching room of my stuff, I was able to put a ridiculous amount of the stuff in one single gigantic cabinet above the hall closet.  I put an entire half disassembled office chair in there, disassembled ikea desk, boxes, and a bunch of other loose crap, computer etc, just shoved it all in there in a space I wasn’t using for anything previously besides a couple wadded up sleeping bags and a couple albums of the retained baseball cards.

bulletin board:

I bought a gigantic bulletin board, what I’m calling my inexpensive mid-life crisis.  I’ve always wanted an excessive bulletin board and so I bought a 4 x 6 foot bulletin board.  I don’t have nearly enough stuff to tack to it, I don’t think, but it doesn’t matter.  it’s much cheaper than a BMW.  I already have a 2 x 3 foot bulletin board and my plan is to mount it next to the 4 x 6 bulletin board to create a bigger bulletin board.  obviously I would prefer if it were 2 x 4 feet so the pair would make an even 4 x 8 bulletin board, but it is what it is.  a 4 x 6 next to a 2 x 3.  it will be fine.

air freshener:

there is an air freshener affixed to the wall in my bathroom, near the toilet.  I inherited it from the previous owner.  It’s one that has a button on top that you can press and fragrance will squirt out of the plastic housing.  but I had never noticed it before today.  I must have.  but today I saw it and lifted up the plastic housing and saw that there was a cannister of air freshener in it, and I couldn’t decide if it had been there for the whole 5 yrs I’ve lived here, and I just didn’t notice, or did my guest put it there.  I even asked, and no, of course she didn’t put it there.  it’s dusty and old.  and tho it’s not a very significant item, I was completely floored that I had never noticed this thing, this eye level thing in a place where I’ve so often been captive for many minutes, every day, with nothing to do, you would think, except become curious about this air freshener and flip open the plastic case.  but I never did.  but then I formed an alternate theory, that in fact I have seen it, but so completely have forgotten seeing it that I decided I had never seen it before.  either way it’s strange to think that I could either not see it or so completely forget having seen it that I asked my guest if there was any chance she had put it there.  granted I’ve had a lot of parties, several recent head injuries, and am a fish, but it’s still odd.  I haven’t tried depressing the button on the cannister but I’m going to go do it now.  nothing came out.  supposed to be citrus.



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Nov 21, 2015 @ 8:29 pm

sitting in my office.  I moved a lot of things in here today.  I have a renter now.  my houseguest is going to stay and rent the stretching room.  so I’ve moved the standing table and a lot of other things into my office, it’s much fuller in here, and so I’m sitting here, basking in the difference, drinking a beer and listening to music through basic computer speakers.  my housemate is now disco napping, she naps in ear plugs, so tho she has no door yet my typing and music won’t reach down the hall.  I’m going to need a blog nickname for housemate.  this is the most officially I’ve lived with someone since colorado.  after her nap she’s going to a “burn” on the mall.  they’re going to burn a temple for some reason or other.  I was invited but I’m going to hang here and bask.  there is a tree, what could properly be called a tree, in the room.  there are furnishings here and there downstairs, not a great many, but enough to make the crucial difference, furnishings that wouldn’t be there were it not for the other person, who is someone I met perhaps 12 yrs ago at m wallace’s 40th bday party at the brickskeller.  she travels a lot for work and is also hyper social so is often not here.  well, we coexist easily enough that I might as well get paid.  meanwhile the plant, my plant, in the cellar, it’s doing very well, looking very good, just very solid and it’s been an easy plant to grow.  probably an early january harvest.  w/ork is busy, tho in an accommodating way, and there is always some psychology about.  she brought me a chocolate bar.  so I guess I’m living the dream or at least some tranches of it, the one where you have a nice house and someone moves in and you like having them around but they pay your mortgage, and you have a farm and sit around and think about what to spend the rent money on, probably a skylight, for one thing.  I retain stretching rights.

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Oct 30, 2015 @ 9:55 am

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Oct 22, 2015 @ 1:33 pm

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Oct 16, 2015 @ 4:12 pm

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